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Faar Industry

Since 2004, FAAR focuses its activities on the design, development, manufacturing and integration of innovative electronic systems.


Our ambition is to anticipate changing lifestyles and supply technologies for the benefit of future mobility.


Our mission is to provide cost effective control system solutions with short lead times and high quality for the automotive, aeronautics, energy and robotic fields.


Our vision is to build a connection between the technology and the humans.


Voiture Autonome

            innovation is in the heart of our strategy 

Implement and evaluate new technology bricks, train engineers and conduct real life experiments.

Fleet of 3 automated vehicles with various sensors



Lasers scanner : Ibeo LUX

Radar Long Range : ARS300 Continental

GPS RTK for cm positioning

V2I communication

SELF-e-CAR™ - Our open innovation development platform

3 questions to Randolph TOOM

What is the vision of FAAR about the future of Autonomous vehicles ?


From technology point of view : the control systems for autonomous driving will have evolved very quickly on the basis of traditional software development. But I expect artificial intelligence in software development to play an important role within 4 years from now. And that will really speed up the development of smart vehicles and infrastructures. From the user experience point of view : a lot will change too. Today we are happy to own a car; tomorrow I expect people to be happy not to own a car. People will just want to enjoy the ease of use at the lowest possible cost and the best service and comfort. Specialized fleet owners with a vision will make that happen at a large scale in a very short time. What UBER has done so far is peanuts compared to what will happen in 2023-2027.


How important is innovation for FAAR ?


It is the heart and spirit of the company. For FAAR Industry Innovation is to work out new products and processes which anticipate and meet our customers needs. It is also to aim for the leadership position in various projects of autonomous driving: vehicle robotizing & automation, expertise in specific actuators, design of new electronic architectures and development of devices supervising a driverless vehicles. A good vision of the future will play an ever more important role in the years to come. We are ready for the challenges that await us. 


What kind of vehicle in 10 years ?


In 10 years from now the disruption in the automotive landscape will have made its progress. Control systems that are ever more powerful, communicating and intelligent will be established, even in the lower end products. Traditional cars as we know today will hardly be sold anymore at least for mainstream use. I see the automotive landscape of 2027 with a lot of autonomous minivans equipped with interior displays for work, social networking and leisure.

And yes : of course they will be electric, clean, silent and safe.

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